About James Frank Photography, Inc.

James Frank has called the mountains of Colorado home for over 30 years. He is an accomplished visual artist of the natural world and perhaps the most experienced and informed photographer of Rocky Mountain National Park. Five beautifully illustrated books showcase his photography. His stock photos have been used in advertising for national companies, and receive wide publication in all media.

James Frank Photography is a fine art and assignment company in Estes Park, Colorado. Thousands of advertising and editorial images of the American West, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains and beyond are available to view and purchase on-line. With extensive experience photographing subjects which include landscape, nature, recreation, and travel, the photographs are the right fit for many visual needs, big and small. In a simple and direct style James creates conceptual images that communicate to the viewer immediately and with emotion. A partial list of clients includes Macy's, American Express, L.L. Bean, Northwest Airlines, and the Official Colorado Visitor Guides.

If you're publishing we can deliver comp images via web or email with hi-res images available for download through photoshelter. If help is needed the service is professional and personable. Contact is welcome.

Prints are created on archival canon papers with several more substrates available. We specialize in prints mounted on a process done by duraplaq, another Colorado company. It's a modern, durable and long-lasting presentation - perfect for the office or home - arriving to you ready to hang. The prints are stunning, viewed without reflection, and make you feel like you are standing there! Some images were meant to be printed big. If you have a big space, talk with us, we strive to inspire!

With purpose, the nature photographs tell stories about wild places. The people photos speak to life and living.

 Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!